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When is a website not a real website…?

Apparently when it’s made of GrapeNuts… The anti-website has arrived… in the form of a big cardboard cutout with fake buttons. Just think of the hours you could save coding. Sigh. Finally someone has done...

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Internet Challenge September 2008

First Person to solve this challenge and post the answer in the comments will enjoy the title of “Internet Challenge Winner Sept 2008” for the rest of the month, and their name inserted below in...

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Face Recognition of Photos in Google Picasa 3

This Tuesday Google is set to launch facial recognition in it’s photo managment software according to cnet (here). Why is this important? Firstly Picasa (here) is still the best photo managment desktop software on the...

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The Sun pokes fun at Aussie medal haul.

Yesterday the Sun hired billboard trucks to drive round Sydney and London, gloating wildly about the medal tally count, using Lara Bingle’s famous campaign used/banned in the UK “Where the bloody hell are you”.