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The Sun pokes fun at Aussie medal haul.

Yesterday the Sun hired billboard trucks to drive round Sydney and London, gloating wildly about the medal tally count, using Lara Bingle’s famous campaign used/banned in the UK “Where the bloody hell are you”.


The Viral Waistcoat is missing… Help!

Help needed for one of our friends at Tequila. Someone has half-inched Russ Tucker’s Viral Waistcoat – a valuable piece of digital history …so please if you spot it, drop Russ an email! (


The best Tom Cruise impersonator ever!

Is this Tom Cruise or not? Watch the clip below and figure it out. This clip has just started pounding it’s way through YouTube promoting a new film (Superhero Movie – which has an lowly...


March 22 2008 Internet Challenge

PUZZLE #2: So we know a few people that claim they can find ANYTHING on the Internet. Are you one of these people? Well here’s your chance to prove yourself… (This challenge posted 10.42pm GST+10...