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Top Gear Viral Game Robin Reliant Rocket Car

Cool new game on the Top Gear website: (here). Remember the episode where they launched the Robin Reliant (see below video) into space …kinda? Best score in here around 350,000 metres… after about 5 mins...

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Make Me Super – by Kodak

Yes – that’s me being a superhero… in Kodak’s shameless grab to print you favourite pic onto a mug, mousemat or deck of cards. It’s still cheesy enough to be likable and fun. BTW:...

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Sad day on twitter

It appears the spammers have found twitter. Here’s a screengrab from – where most of the big tweets are just links to porn. Shame.

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Amnesia wins BEST IN SHOW at W3 Awards

Kick a Migrant has won BEST in SHOW at W3 – the highest accolade possible at the international W3 awards. These are fairly tough awards to win – we’ve only managed a couple of Silver...

So you think you can Body Pop? 0

So you think you can Body Pop?

So I’m sitting here watching the finale of the So You Think You Can Dance on Channel 10 and I was just reminded of me of this cool clip which did big viral rounds a...

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When is a website not a real website…?

Apparently when it’s made of GrapeNuts… The anti-website has arrived… in the form of a big cardboard cutout with fake buttons. Just think of the hours you could save coding. Sigh. Finally someone has done...