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The invisible car… and it’s a Skoda!

No it’s not an amazing bit of new cool technology, it’s just Sara Watson’s art project – and we totally love it! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1176328/Artists-turns-old-Skoda-Fabia-invisible-car.html Reminds me of Julian Beever’s 3D chalk work below (here). Maybe Sarah...

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Super High Definition on YouTube

Join four YT clips together and what do you get? A YouTube hack that admittedly takes ages to load …but is still worth watching just for the novelty. Enjoy. (Especially the Rick Rolling bit). http://mrdoob.com/lab/youtube/superHD/chromeless/

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Most confusing emergency exit sign ever?

Best explanation of this sign so far… 1. Find the nearest three headed monster 2. Jump inside it with your children 3. Run to the right?   Of course the irony is that we saw...

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Amnesia wins BEST IN SHOW at W3 Awards

Kick a Migrant has won BEST in SHOW at W3 – the highest accolade possible at the international W3 awards. These are fairly tough awards to win – we’ve only managed a couple of Silver...

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When is a website not a real website…?

Apparently when it’s made of GrapeNuts…http://www.nograpesnonuts.com/ The anti-website has arrived… in the form of a big cardboard cutout with fake buttons. Just think of the hours you could save coding. Sigh. Finally someone has done...