Getting Windows to boot faster

This is a great article on IntelliAdmin.

“Most of us have had a brand new computer at one time. It’s a great feeling. You boot up windows and within 30 seconds you are surfing the net, checking your email, or playing your favorite game. 10 months down the road things aren’t so nice anymore. You power up your computer and it seems to take forever to load. “

“Even when you are careful about what you install it seems that each day it takes longer for it to boot. It’s not your imagination – and there are a couple of good tips to keep your boot time short and sweet.”

Full article below with tips on how to get things working better. Interesting theory on the prefetch ‘cache’ which suggests your computer could be full of years worth of old software debris. Recommended read.

Update: Thanks for a comment left by Andrew:

– A solid argument against the previous article.
Please leave comments on this, as it would be good to get to the bottom of this.

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  1. Andrew says:

    God this nonsense will never die. The Prefetch folder is not a cache and cleaning it will SLOW DOWN boot times:

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