ANZ Robot call centre. Misleading advertising?

Has anyone seen this ad?
I quite liked it when it aired, and being an ANZ customer, it filled me with warm fuzzy wonderful emotions. OK OK, not really.

The basic premise is that all other call centres are answered and run by robots, but somehow ANZ‘s call centre is full of people…

…Seriously, this is quite deluded as I found out today.
I spent a good 20 minutes pressing hash this, pin that, card number this, #1 #3 #2 and several redials … before I got to speak to someone in person, who ultimatley gave me the phone number of my local branch.(Yes that was all I needed, and no, ANZ don’t include branch contact numbers on their website).

The best bit of all was that I jokingly asked the nice lady who finally answered if she was a robot, and she told me I was the third person that day to ask her the same thing. There you go.

ANZ, unfortunatley I have to say in the nicest possible way, your TV ad is a load of [email protected]#cks.
It’s a shame because it is a good ad.

If you feel compelled to try it yourself… here’s the number : 13 13 14

Reader comment challenge:
Eventually someone will find this rant through search so if anyone is really bored, I challenge you to post your times trying to speak to someone in person at ANZ using the number above.

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