EMI music boss: “The CD is dead” – long live Google!


Even though CDs still account for 70% of music sales, the long term future for the old CD is on shakier ground than ever given the latest comments from the major record labels.

Personally I believe that the labels have failed to address the real issue… “value” – I’m not talking about price ($) I’m talking about what the CD stands for and what it gives the consumer as a tangible product.

Anyone remember when VHS came out..? “CINEMA IS DEAD!!!” were the cries heard echoing around the world. But cinema succesfully reinvented itself. I ask the question ‘what has CD done to reinvent itself’?

CD needs to be reinvented. It is not a “dead” medium, but as a brand and a product it is failing to offer the value it used to when compared with other

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