Another Viral marketing PR disaster. This time it’s Sony PSP.

Is this bigger than the Coke “Zero Movement” stuff up? …Probably!

Sony’s PSP campaign, a thinly disguised blog…
(Site has currently been pulled) – hopefully we will find a proxy version somewhere and post link here soon.

Here’s Penny arcade’s cartoon today.

And here’s the article from Dec 13 : Tycho:

This statement I wholeheartedly agree with:

” We need to distinguish between “viral” marketing and “guerilla” marketing. The reality is that no agency can create viral marketing, this is the sole domain of the consumer. Viral marketing is what happens when a campaign works – when we allow their message to travel via our own superefficient conduits. Perhaps it is entertaining on its own terms, divorced from the message. Perhaps it is a game or a story, like I Love Bees or other ARGs, where we take ownership in it. What distinguishes this from Guerilla Marketing is that we are aware of the message. When we are not aware of the message, or when the agents of the message misrepresent themselves, we call this “deception.”

Well done Penny Arcade.
Thanks for keeping us sane.

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