Windows Vista Viral Campaign Site (update this site is no longer active. Please view video below)


To quote a guy in a forum at Evil Avatar

“I’m only 30 seconds in, and I can say that Microsoft has the weirdest idea of marketing, ever.”Yes, there’s a fine line between a compliment and an insult. OK, watch episode 1 and you will discover that it’s all about a guy with ‘HAND TOSS” (Yep you heard right.)



Achiever with


Direction and

Tendency to




Bottom line for me – I actually like this site. Great use of audio. Solid humour and script. Refreshing 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    i love this guy Demetri Martin is one of the best intellectual wordsman/comedians around. If anyone wants a laugh, check out youtube.

  2. John says:

    Not bad in my opinion; Microsoft might earn a little respect back from me with it. I am surprised that I did but I actually watched all episodes, which I normally wouldn’t. So maybe I just flooded myself with a bunch of subliminal messages to like Microsoft again LOL!

    And still waiting for Episode 6 to work 🙂

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