The future of Disk Drives, Blue Ray and HD-DVD: SSD

Bill Gates has stated that HD DVD and Blue Ray will be redundant in the not too distant future because flash memory will become the method for transporting digital media. We think it’s a pretty good prediction. To add credibility to this, here is the 32 Gb solid state flash drive (SSD) from Sandisk – just announced (Jan 4)

The immediate use would be within laptops to replace the existing hard drive.
Looking at street price in excess of $600 (US). Sounds expensive, but consider this – it’s 100 times faster than conventional hard drives.

As prices fall in the next few years, flash memory will start to turn up in many physical forms and be available to watch on all sorts of devices (handheld to  bigscreen). The convenience of sticking a tiny flash drive direct into the TV to play your HD movies is certainly appealing. Optical mediums such as Blue Ray and HD DVD should ultimately fall victim to the size, reliability and performance of solid state.

The Sandisk ssd will be out mid 2007. Samsung and TDK have also announce similar products.


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  1. March 14, 2007

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