Companys offer new voicemail to email conversion service.

Personally, I don’t like dialing in for voicemail. (I’m one of those people who wants all my comms to end up in one place). Two companies (Simulscribe and Callwave)  offer a service which takes your voicemail (regardless of telco) , converts it dynamically and sends you an email + the original voice message in email. Note: It’s US only at the moment as far as I can tell. If anyone finds an Aussie version, please post.

Nice technology. Sort of thing the Telco’s should offer as standard with your mobile phone.
Has a free service + a premium version.

Offers it for $9.99 US p/m

Only thing to note is that you have to provide your details to access your voicemail (password etc).

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  2. jossecarr says:

    With the voicemail service, you’ll definitely have the chance to screen calls. Giving you also the capabilities to answer first the calls of great importance.

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