Proof that Time Travellers are amongst us. John Titor.

Have you ever heard of John Titor?

No? Well let me fill you in… because this is one of the great internet phenomenons…
John Titor was a visitor from the year 2036 who arrived in 2000 and left a few months later in 2001. During his stay he posted on several bulletin boards under the nickname Timetravel_0 with many predictions about the future and even photos of his time machine. During the time he answered almost every question asked of him, and then in March 2001, disappeared never to return. He has become a bit of a cult figure on the web, there is a documentary movie coming (trailer here on Timetravel 0 MySpace page) which was almost blocked by the CIA (Hmm…) and it has spawned several books. There is a good recap at Wikipedia and

The aftermath is interesting and there are plenty of ‘would be time travellers’ who now claim to be amongst us (hilarious example here). Interestingly many people believe John Titor was real… If he was/is real, then be very worried, because World War 3 happens in 2015. 3 Billion people die. I’m sure this story has a lot more to offer because real or just a good hoax there is a fantastic mystery to be unravelled… Who really started this? Why? Where did they go? We shall wait and see.

John Titor’s Insignia. (From Wikipedia)

Picture of his time machine (source:

To be continued…?
If you need more, just Google John Titor – hours of reading awaits…

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  1. Titor was probably a joke says:

    There are unscrupulous folks who pull these kinds of things just to see how vulnerable the masses can be. If you want to get conspiratorial, some of these types of things are actually PSYCHOLOGICAL experiments, they help to predict how large groups of people will react to a given situation or certain tyupe of information. The resulting data is useful for tailoring things like propaganda, for example.

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