Commodore. Retro love or brand power deception?

Commodore (the brand) is back … but in the form of custom gaming PC’s. The original Commodore went bankrupt in 1994, but the various commodore brands have been sold off and acquired by various parties before “Commodore Gaming” aquired the title brand in 2005. Much like Atari (purchased by Infogrames in 2001) we are looking at a brand that has nothing left from the glory days other than the classic logo. Are we really supposed to believe otherwise?

Sorry, but for me I have a muted reaction to this. The C64, Vic20 and the PET were hardware innovation and breakthrough products – but what we’re seeing here is a retro brand slapped on someone else’s product which to me offers no real innovation.

The new Gaming PC’s. Giant Robot stole my Commodore64.

The C64 was a cornerstone in the forming the home PC market.

This “PET” was my first computer (sigh…) Check out the inbuilt tape recorder.
Now that’s innovation.

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