Hidden Photoshop Easter Egg Image – Strange Cargo Hidden Face

This is a blast from the past but suprisingly still little known. We at Amnesia regard it as easter egg folklore. Those crazy developers at Adobe love their eastereggs but this was a one of the best. Now in Photoshop 5.5 (if you’re old enough to own a copy) it’s quite easy to find the “Strange Cargo” screen as below, but there is an easter egg within an easter egg here. Read on:

Photoshop 5 – While holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift, click on Help, About Photoshop
(Feeling to lazy to reinstall? We put a copy of the image here for you).

Once you see the Strange Cargo Screen, take a screen grab and copy it back into Photoshop. Turn off all the channels except for BLUE (see below):

Voila – now can you see the developers face in the sea below???

Before anyone asks if this is genuine. Yes it is.

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