The 10 client quotes from the dotcom days.

We were recently trading some stories of some of the amusing, scary and bizarre things we’ve heard clients say over the years. Now some of these go back to dot com days but they REALLY stuck in our heads. If you work in the industry, I’ll bet some of these sound familiar? Note: These are real quotes heard first hand by people I know.

10. “Our website is down. I’ve been trying to email you about it but that’s not working either.” (Of course they had no internet connection at all).

9. Client looking at draft concept jpeg image in an email: “None of the buttons are working.”

8. Large fast food client wanting to do an instant win competition: “Do we really need unique codes?” Client had just printed 2 million cups with the same code on them.

7. “Can you email me a screenshot of our website. Please attach two copies so I have a backup.”

6. Client: “We just want you to reskin our old website” Me: ” What do you mean by reskin?” Client: “Change the graphics, move the menus, and add in a CMS.”

5. “Make the font really small. I don’t want people reading it.”

4. Client phones to let us know: “I’ve just faxed you a copy of that email…”. (Client continued to send us faxes from other peoples email until we explained you could actually fwd emails).

3. Client calls the day before we release their ‘viral’ game: “Our lawyers have told us that anything that involves viruses is strictly against company policy, sorry”. After 3 months convincing the legal department that viral games had nothing to do with viruses, the game went live.

2. “How do you scroll?”

1. Client at a large bank: “I’m getting too many mortgage applications from those banners.”

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