Secret strategies behind viral videos

Ever wondered how ‘viral’ videos get to be seen by millions? Read the article on TechCrunch below and see the tricks used by one company that is specialising in viral video marketing.

I’m sure this will cause a fair amount of debate, especially around the ethics of using current popular tags rather than tags related directly to the subject matter. Planting fake comments also raises some eyebrows. The comments directly off this post have generally been those of disgust, not praise. Most likening the techniques to that of spammers. Bottom line is it may be difficult for sites like YouTube to prevent more companies using these techniques despite the YouTube Terms of Use expressly forbidding this kind of behaviour.

Games like Amnesia’s own Paper Plane game spread actually completely organically (mainly via email), which you could probably label as being ‘truly viral’ but interestingly this did not happen until 4 months after it ran on NineNSN after it was archived to our blog.

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