Media Smart TV’s. A very good thing…

I have this mini-quest to remove wires in my house and access content anywhere, any room with no need for a PC or Xbox/PS3 etc. These new Media Smart TV’s from HP are very interesting… Look at the diagram below:


Those two red arrows tell part of a big story:
You can connect your TV direct into the network Cat5 cable or through wireless (n/g/b etc). Stream all your content from your PC running media centre or NAS device. (watch DivX / xvid / mov etc). Unfortunately although it touts HD there appears to be no support for the high def formats AVCHD or H.264.

[Update – Thanks to TV Guy for his comment – it appears that it does support H.264 and a forthcoming update will give media centre extendibility].

The good news: It will also work with Windows Media Player 11 (through library sharing) in XP. (This means Vista/Media Center PC is not required) …although if you want to browse/surf you would need a media centre PC.

The LCD TV is full HD (1080p / 1920×1080 pixels) in either 42 or 47 inch. Retails for $1899 to $2399 USD. No details of a release in Australia that I can see.


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2 Responses

  1. TV Guy says:

    The TV does support H.264; you can play .mov (with H.264 content) or .mp4 files. It also support DRM-free iTunes.

    In a month or so, a free firmware upgrade will let you also use the TV as a Media Extender, so if you have Microsoft Vista HOme Premium or ultimate you will get the full experience through the TV.

  2. Dewayne says:

    I own this TV and I have been unable to get it to stream H.264 content in the .mp4 format.

    What’s the trick?

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