Nokia PC Phone Beta. Control your phone via a browser.

This is a browser based application (works in IE and Firefox) which allows you to place calls, sms / txt, update contacts etc from within the browser via a phone connected (bluetooth/wifi/cable) to your PC.

Whilst you can already do most of this if you have the NOKIA PC suite installed, this is still quite a handy. The big advantage is being able to type using your PC keyboard and update your phone / send lengthy text messages.


You can also initiate a call, but make sure your phone is handy – it just does the dialling for you – not conduct the conversation 🙂

The app is supposed to control and show incoming calls too, but unfortunately I couldn’t get this feature to work. In theory this would be a useful visual alert for the times you forget to switch your phone out of silent/meeting mode. (I’m always doing that).

Bottom line: Good for doing bulk updates of your contacts, handy for typing long txts.

Available from Nokia Beta Labs. Compatible with Series 40 and S60 phones. Tested with: Nokia 6101, 6300, 6270, 7370, 6280, 6136, 7360, 6111, 6233, 6070, 6085, 6288, 7390, 6021, 6103, 7260, 6125, 6822, 6131, 6230i, 3220 (cable disconnect/reconnect does not work well), 5200, N95, 6110, E90, N81, 6121, 6120, 5700

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