Cinema booming despite growing movie piracy

Empty cinemas? Studios making fewer movies? Here’s some good news posted by the BBC with takings up 5.4% on 2006 (not many of us saw this coming given a lot of doom and gloom news coming from Studios last year).


Whether this is a ‘dead cat bouncing’ remains to be seen with people finding more entertainment online and higher definition IPTV based services starting to pop up. Big HD screens and surround sound in the home is becoming big competition for the poor old cinema.

In the US and Canada, cinemas took $9.6bn (£4.8bn) last year, up 5.4% on 2006, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The increase was partly due to rising ticket prices in North America – up 5% on average.

Worldwide box office takings, meanwhile, rose to an all-time high of $26.7bn – up 4.7% on 2006.

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