Interesting facts about miss-spelling ‘Google’

If you just typed, gogle, goog,,, “www”, gooogle you are not alone, in fact the volumes of people mistyping the word Google is staggering – and that’s just the start of the story. We had a closer look at the phenomenon today whilst trawling some search data.


Let’s start with the ironic fact that the most searched word on the Internet is “Google” itself. Now ask yourself why would people already using Google be searching for the word Google? (Read on for theories). The same rule applies to the other search engine – including Live Search (Microsoft), Yahoo, and AOL- yes, the number one word typed into all these engines is… GOOGLE.

Amnesia estimates (based on access sample data we have available to us)  that the number of people in Australia (population 22 million) typing the word “Google” into search engines including Google every month is well over 40 million (twice that of the entire population of Australia) and of these searches around 2% of people mistype the word. – That’s potentially 800,000 search queries falling to a typo in Aus. If the same numbers apply to the US that would mean roughly 8 million ‘Google typos’ per month.

So why are people searching for Google inside Google?  (+ Why so many typos?)

  1. Search Toolbars often get confused with the Navigation Toolbar where you type in the URL mistakes where you think you are typing the url, not searching…
  2. Automatic Search kicks in when it doesn’t find a live url, so the person may have been trying to navigate rather than search. Miss-types below may be largely re-directed by this automatic browser behaviour. 
  3. Search engines are used largely for navigation – ie: they may know what they want, even the url – it is just easier to go through search to get to it.
  4. People are so used to having Google open, they just stop thinking about what they are doing.
  5. We think that most people know how to spell Google, so  ‘fat finger syndrome’ as it is lovingly called in the industry may be responsible. ie: often we simply can’t seem to get our fingers to the right keys (urrr… not that people really have fat fingers. Maybe ‘Small Key’ syndrome ought to be a more p.c way of describing this?)

Some of the most Popular Mis-types:
www (space instead of dot)
googl com (space instead of dot)

If anyone has any more data on this let us know in the comments and we will amend the article.

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  1. What about people who get frustrated with the google and type in “google sucks” oh wait the Google owns so how about

  2. Peter says:

    you’ve got forgoten my faovrite ”

  3. wow great facts
    i love google
    thanks for sharing

  4. EWRichard says:

    Cool website!

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