Moonvertising is NOT REAL – Read the facts here:

Here are the facts on Moonvertising. It is an advertising Hoax. It has become clear that many people are confused by the Rolling Rock ads as to what is going on and if it is real or not. Amnesiablog covered Moonvertising a few weeks ago (here) but obviously (having read the comments, see sample below) we probably need to clarify the facts again.


Here are the real facts on Moonvertising:

1. It is a Spoof/Hoax campaign for Rolling Rock Beer.
2. There will not be any ads beamed onto the moon on Mar 21 2008.
2. Coke actually tried to do this in 1999 (here). It was banned by the FAA. The power of the lasers needed were deemed likely to cause major problems with bypassing aircraft. LOL.
3. The campaign is created by Advertising agency Goodby Silverstein and Partners.
4. Rolling Rock has produced several spoof campaigns in the past using FAKE ad exec “Ron StableHorn
5. It is technically possible to produce images reflected off the moon’s surface but seems unlikely that it could ever appear anything like the image below.
6. Here is an image from 1968 when two argon lasers were beamed from Earth (photo taken looking back to Earth from space[edit] ). Might imply that if the technology were ever used it would work better on a new moon not a full one.


– Are “mind-control” banner adverts possible in websites? Check the above link out…

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36 Responses

  1. kf6hqc says:

    Technically it’s impossible to “beam” an ad at the moon unless your talking about one directed at people that are on the moon and only if they are listening, like from mission control. Remember, P.T. Barnum was correct, there is a sucker born every minute. He also said, “this way to the egress.”

  2. Darren Forster says:

    I heard from somewhere that an IMAX lightbulb is so bright that you could shine that on to the moon. So when will we be able to subscribe to Moon Movies :), maybe IMAX could shine the trailer for the new Batman movie onto the moon.

  3. Jeff Dixon says:

    Darren Forster is an idiot. He “heard” somewhere that an IMAX …. yeah yeah. Go get laid already. And FU[K batman.

  4. Steve Popplewell says:

    The moon is pretty….I hear its made of cheese.

  5. Ryan says:

    Steve is an idiot, everybody know the moon is made of cottage cheese….

  6. eunmac says:

    From the link above…

    “The story goes like this: In 1999, as the Earth heaved itself toward millennium, Coca-Cola was looking to launch a preemptive strike on PepsiCo, which was beginning to show signs of renewed vigor after having lost the decade-long cola war. Hegemony being what it is, Coke was eager to affirm its global domination of the soft drink market, and Koonin was the company’s big-idea guy. At the time, he was well into his thirteenth year as a marketing executive at Coke, and bold ideas had a tendency to shoot from his mouth like the contents of a vigorously shaken soda can.

    A prodigious reader, Koonin recalled coming across an item in a newsmagazine about a NASA research initiative that involved firing lasers at the moon. By shooting an array of colored laser beams into space, Coke could conceivably project its logo onto the lunar surface just in time for the ball to drop on Jan. 1, 2000. It would be like a laser show at the Hayden Planetarium, only without all the Pink Floyd. And everyone in North America would see it.

    Long story short-ish, the Federal Aviation Administration put the kibosh on the idea, citing concerns about possible interference with aircraft. “They weren’t particularly enthused about the prospect of our cutting flying airplanes in half, but it would have worked,” Koonin says. “We had a scientist work out all the math.”

  7. Buga Boo says:

    No! It’s clearly swiss! Dang. I was hoping to see it. Oh well. Maybe he is wrong! But it would be cool to see logos and movies on the moon. But the FAA doesn’t see how cool it is to get aircraft and passengers atomized. Pff. Idiots.

  8. dominick says:

    thank god this is fake … I saw a billboard and thought this was real… I was like I cant believe that we are not rioting in the sreets…. Makes me want to go back and read the moon is a harsh mistress. I breath a sigh of relef, Rolling Rock still sucks, they would have a better shot of putting a reflective add on Pam Anderson’s Chest. And the moon is Alpine Lace low fat swiss. My Dad told me that, and he should know he’s a delivery guy for rolling rock, in the milkey way galaxy.

  9. Billy Bob says:

    By ten o’clock the police organization, and by midday even the railway organizations, were losing coherency, losing shape and efficiency, guttering, softening, running at last in that swift liquefaction of the social body. – H.G. Wells -War of the Worlds-

  10. zak says:

    i dont see howd be immpossible to beam a big beam of light at the moon. it would work like an over head projector. and laser light has been used in projection keyboards to project the image of a keyboard on a desk.

  11. the facTS??! says:

    6. Here is an image from 1968 when two laser dots were beamed onto the crescent moon surface. Goes to show this would work better with a new moon, not a full one.

    HEY JACKASS LEARN TO READ THAT IS A PICTURE TAKEN FROM OUTER SPACE OF EARTH. ITS A PICTURE OF EARTH YOU IDIOT!!!! just beacuse there is a crescent shape its automaticallly the moon huh. theres a thing called the sun and it shines on spheres called planets, causing that crescent shadow. all planets and moons do it so read the flippin article before you put ” THE FACTS ” about moon lasers on your website, guy le’douche

  12. wowza says:

    Can’t we all just get along….and try not to ruin the beautiful Universe in the process…whether Moonvertising be true or not…and I think not…yet :l

  13. David says:

    Hrm. so we can shine a light at the moon, its not visable by us, but is visable to the people (if any are there at the time) on its surface. Could a relay system of lazers and observatories be used in a Marz mission to send some type of lazer Mors Code between Martian pioneers and us here on earth. Hell, doesn’t even have to Mors. Don’t lazer mics bounce a lazer off glass (or other shiny surface) back to an optical reader on the mic and turn the vibrations of the glass made by people talking in the room into an “audible” signal? we could use something like that to comunicate with marz misson explorors. maybe set up an array of sattelites that will bounce the signal around the sun and other obstructions as the planets orbit around?

    At any rate, I’m glad this is a hoax, I’d loath to think of waking up in the middle of the hight, my girlfreind lying naked next to me in bed, and instead of he silouet outlined by the pale light of the moon, she’s glowing green like a rolling rock bottle. WTF man.

  14. B Davis says:

    You all are idiots. The moon is made of spare ribs. Heck, I go back for seconds and wash it down with a cool Budweiser. Sorry Rolling Rock, Harry’s got it covered already.

  15. Lauren says:

    You know, Rolling Rock wouldn’t have to resort to ad hoaxes if they would just put their SKUNKY beer in BROWN BOTTLES. Shows how much ACTUAL physics/chemistry they concern themselves with.

    HINT: It’s none.

  16. Lajajajajajajajajaaaa says:

    I think this is a bad idea, even though its fake. Also they would get sued quicjly if they even tried. FAA would go after them and it would be a bad inspiration to kids and teenagers. Also the moon is not for public use and if people petitioned the goverment COULD go after them. All i’m saying is that its fake for their own safety….

  17. Spiffy says:

    Thank God its not real! I almost had a heart attack when I heard that.

  18. Playos says:

    Um… Laj, you have way to much faith in the goverment. If they really wanted to do this (its an incredibly expensive idea, so no shock it wasn’t real), the goverment actually can’t do a god damn thing about it. In coke’s case it was a safety hazard, which allows the FAA to come in, if you can get passed that techniclly the moon (and all “property” outside the atmosphere) is not ownable by any goverment, and by extention no person (people don’t actually own property, they own an estate in the land). At least in the USA, its still required that someone suing have a right to press… no one owns the moon or an estate in the moon, so no one has the legal right to take them to court.

  19. Saigh says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Anyone who thinks that putting ads on the moon is a good idea has serious problems.

    The moon is one of the most spectacular wonderful things in this universe. It’s mysterious and lovely and romantic. I would hate to see an ad on the moon.

    Is this really how fricked up our society is? That we have to make everything one big advertisement.

    I’m glad it’s not real. I don’t want to sit with my ffuture children and say, “When I was your age there weren’t advertisments on the moon.”

    I don’t want that…The moon is perfect. It’s not a place for advertising.

  20. Dennis says:

    I think Moonvertising is a great idea- commercially. A company could set up the lasers outside the FAA’s jurisdiction (anywhere in the northern hemisphere should work), using an island, an abandoned oil rig, Canada, or even a large boat with today’s motion-stabilization equipment.

    Instead of one advertiser footing the bill, the company would rent “space” (actually time) for a reasonable amount during each new moon, handling it much like banner rotations on a website. Each new moon could generate hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars with static, and even animated advertisements in the 30 second to one minute slots.

    Someone will eventually clean up on this, the last great advertising space…

  21. moonvenger says:

    Anyone who tries to make a profit from defacing the moon in any way is an enemy of us all, and should be punished by having to stick their full-moon @$$ in front of their frikkin laser for the whole world to see.

  22. Adam says:


    You know Rolling Rock got exactly what they wanted. Rolling Rock was never even a brand I thought about until today. Genius in that sense. Though any moron who thinks advertising on the moon would be a wonderful prosperous thing…Capitalist losers who needs to be sleepin’ with the fishes.
    Though it would be kind of cool to see what the Pepsi Logo would look like on the Moon’s surface.

  23. Justin says:

    I like cheese

  24. DX says:

    would be a wonderful prosperous thing…Capitalist losers who needs to be sleepin’ with the fishes.

  25. WestCoast says:

    I was at IMAX this weekend and was told that the light from the projector could be SEEN from the moon… I don’t think this means that an ad could be advertised, the light would be spread to much like a flashlight (If you get what I’m saying). I don’t think anyone would want advertising on the moon even if it were possible. I’ve been thinking about this moonvertising ad for nearly a year now, and I’m from Canada (I made a trip to California). Shock value works I suppose.

  26. Gwen69 says:

    Nike again1 Fucking brilliant idea WTF

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