The Worst Vista advert ever made.

Microsoft and Vista go all Bruce Springsteen on us in this truly horrific video clip. It’s an ad from hell, right up there with the Cisco Teleconferencing Ad (here) from last year. We want to believe it’s a p%@*take but until mullets are back in fashion, we’re not convinced. Shame really, after the brilliant ‘Bill Gate’s Last Day Parody’ (here) they go and make something like this. Be ready to cringe…


BTW: Who said we weren’t impartial?

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3 Responses

  1. Barrett says:

    Hmm…this is a real ad? This isn’t some “Made ya look!” gag?

    If it’s real, I can think of some folks in Cupertino laughing their asses off…

  2. eunmac says:

    It was apparently aired at AdTech in the US last week…

  3. Brady says:


    The “Made ya look!” gag is at

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