Australian Photonic Chip to increase Internet speeds by100’s of times

Here’s a bit of perky news from down under, CUDOS (Centre for Ultra-high-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems) have developed a new material ‘chalcogenide’ – a type of glass that allows data to  be transmitted at previously impossible speeds by converting light into electricity – essentially a ‘photonic switch’ that is capable (wait for it) …of being implemented into current fibre infrastructure!


Here’ the bit where I get ranty… and shout at the Powers that Be: Australia, Rudd, Telstra- here’s your chance to correct the slowness shown in bringing Australia up to the forefront of digital. Grab this one and move fast! It looks like a golden opportunity 🙂

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  1. Anthony says:

    i hope rudd gets on to this and upgrades evryhting to fibre optics and does this…

  1. July 10, 2008

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