Using cute puppies to increase your website traffic.

It’s a well known fact that photos or videos of cuddly animals can increase your web traffic so here it is – a photo of an adorable new puppy. In fact she (the puppy) is the new Amnesia office dog and she needs a name…  suggestions?


Looking forward to seeing our overall blog traffic go through the roof. Notice how I used the words ‘kitten’, ‘cat’ and ‘funny’ to lure unsuspecting lovers of animals to this post…

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4 Responses

  1. Andy P says:

    It is a well known tactic. Here’s another great use of it:

  2. Teagan says:

    She’s very pretty and I think she looks like a “Callie”, or even a “Kylie” if you’re into twee names – it had better be something really easy for you to remember! Woofs from Teagan x x 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    I want an office dog for the ATL office! She’s adorable! Cheers,

  4. eunmac says:


    The NAME of the new Amnesia Office dog IS…
    Maddie / Madison.

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