The Sun pokes fun at Aussie medal haul.

Yesterday the Sun hired billboard trucks to drive round Sydney and London, gloating wildly about the medal tally count, using Lara Bingle’s famous campaign used/banned in the UK “Where the bloody hell are you”.


As with many successful viral campaigns, moving and publishing fast with something like this is key. This was a well planned stunt that has leapt into inboxes like crazy. The deliberately provoking message only adds fuel to the fire.

In relation I was amused by one user comment on the BBC site: An Aussie lass married to and Englishman stated (obviously referencing GB medals won in cycling canoeing and sailing), “Yeah, but you won all those medals sitting on your arses.” Hilarious.

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2 Responses

  1. Bentos says:

    That the Brits were wiping the floor with the Aussies at the ‘sitting down sports’ was something I heard quite early in proceedings and isn’t really THAT funny truth be told. Maybe worth a smirk but you’d be hard pressed to really call it ‘hilarious’.

    It’s one of those things, like John Coates’ comment about Britain having very little soap , that you guys like to characterise as a good old fashioned Aussie wind-up, but if it had been a British comment made about you, you’d go mental. Just ask Leon Pryce,

    Still we had good fun teasing the office Aussie about how well you guys had done each time you on a bronze. Long may it continue.

  2. Tom says:

    About bloody time too! 🙂

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