NikePlus Race for unfit Twitter Users…

You know it makes sense… All that tweeting isn’t shaving any cm off the love-handles is it? OK, this is just a bit of fun… but at the same time if you can run 5km you’ll probably feel a bit better no matter what the time!


The Rules:
– 1 month – finishes on 14 June
– Open to all people who are unfit and on Twitter.
– No Treadmills – get outside!
– Open to international
– 1st Prize = Pride!

– You’ll need an ipod/nano/touch and a Nike+ Sensor (they cost about AU$30)
– The challenge is here – you just need to sign in.,2935985
– Use #5km as the twitter hashtag 🙂

New to NikePlus? 
Check it! You get to look at cool charts and stats and see how unfit you really are!



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3 Responses

  1. eunmac says:

    If I can get off my backside and run, there must be a couple of other people up for it?

  2. Tom Kelshaw says:

    You’re on.

    I’ll be logging routes through the north coast of Brazil, then Buenos Aires, then Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Surely there’s a prize for most obscure, exotic scenery observed along the way. 5kms of Andean mountains is going to kill me, let alone doing it fast 🙂

  3. eunmac says:

    Good on you Tom! We’ll all be feeling the pain… look fwd to the twitpics 🙂

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