Xbox 360 Project Natal – Body sensing controller. Potential Wii beater?

Having worked on the Xbox account for 5-6 years and being part of Microsoft you’d probably expect we knew all about this. Nope! They kept this one under tight wraps and surprised the lot of us today. Of course there have been rumours on the web, but the fact is we did not expect to get an announcement this exciting! Most expected a ‘me too’ Wii catchup controller – but instead we have something truly groundbreaking.

Project Natal

What is it? Best to watch the videos, but in summary the hardware is a new breed of sensor for the Xbox 360 that can recognise a persons body movement accurately within a 3D space, full facial recognition and voice – without a controller. The potential is amazing… just watch. We understand that all the footage shot are real demos. Nothing canned.

The Ad: When Microsoft figures out how to make a decent ad, the competition will be in trouble – it’s the only thing we didn’t like.


Meet Milo – the virtual boy. (below)


Painting Demo


The ‘Sensor’ that lives under your telly:

More juicy videos and gossip from the rather raw Xbox staff blog at

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  1. to be honest, microsoft seems to struggle doing ads for some reason. It is like they just know they have market share and rely on the products to sell themselves.

    Perhaps you need to come up with some better ads and get a meeting going. 😉

  2. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

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