THE most dedicated piece of consumer generated content ever. Age time lapse 17 yrs in the making.

“Incredible dedication” – the only way to describe Dan Hanna who for the last 17 years has religiously taken 2 images of himself every day using a home made rig. Before you watch, just remember this started long before digital cameras were around…


Here’s the rig below, which Dan carried with him, even on holidays.


The rig dismantled below – you can see how Dan rotates himself by about 1 degree every day, so a full year means one complete rotation.


Read a lot more about the project here.

It’s a great read. Thank you Dan for sharing – it really is an amazing piece of work.

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3 Responses

  1. Social Guru says:

    Consumer Generated Content? Is that like User Generated Content? Is that like Human Generated Content? Is this Social Guru speak?

  2. spaceyg says:

    Somewhere in there I thought he’d had laser surgery on his eyes.

  3. Bentos says:

    It’d be Consumer Generated Content if it was advertising something, like the camera maybe.

    Otherwise it’s something someone made isn’t it?

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