The Future of Shopping: Some Retail Stores will probably look like this:

The success of Tesco’s new retail store in Korea is something to behold:


Why? Because there is no physical store and no physical product. However the experience of the store has been fully recreated two dimensionally as a backlit poster with the products and ordering fulfilled using mobile and QR codes. It’s a neat idea and solves a number of issues:

1. The familiar supermarket experience. Tick!
2. Impulse shopping. Tick!
3. Cheap rent. Tick!
4. Open a new store in high traffic areas in one day. Tick!
5. No internal fit out costs. Tick!
6. No need to stock shelves Tick!
7. No Staff wages. Tick!
8. Open 24hrs. Tick!
The list goes on.

Personally I’d like to see NFC integration as well as QR codes. I think we can also expect to see these walls become screens rather than printed products in the very near future.





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  1. Awesome.

    What’s really cool is that it’s set up to make the most of your downtime. You choose your items when you’d otherwise be hanging around waiting for a train, then the delivery guys can get started while you’re still on your journey home.

    If it was screen-based you could take it a step further and turn it all into a giant game of supermarket sweep. Maybe minus Dale Winton though:

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