Stopped blogging for a while. Back now.

Wow. It’s been 2 years. I blogged for a long time on the old Amnesiablog. The blog was pretty big – in fact we were getting between 30-60k visitors each month. In all I think we had almost 2 million UVs. So what happened? Four owners in four years, two name changes, global rebranding, new website. I personally spent more time reading, sometimes tweeting and bookmarking and way less time writing but I’ve  missed not having the blog as it was or a place to post, so turning the tap back on.

Anyway, I’ve republished many of the old articles I wrote because they don’t exist anywhere else at present. So if you were wondering what the gap between new posts and the old ones was – you now know the story.

Anyway. I’m back again and will continue in the old way – writing about stuff I think is interesting or inspiring. (When I have time).

Iain @eunmac

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