How to find your stolen camera

This neat little site might just help: most of us know it is possible with smartphones, this pretty handy trick might just help track your camera. How does it work? Every camera has a unique ID which is usually stored in the header information of each image you take. The site checks a photo you took with your camera and then compares it to other photos uploaded on the web. If the thief (or purchaser of the hot product) has uploaded a photo using your camera anywhere (like flickr) you’ll know where.

stolen camera finder

Of course the next issue is being able to do anything about it. Modern laws in most countries are not necessarily up to date and police will not necessarily act on good and precise information regarding stolen technology. Unfortunately this has led to a rise in people taking matters into their own hands. A good example is the publicly humiliated dancing thief who stole a geeks macbook (see clip below). Hopefully lawmakers will catch up with the fact that stolen technology should be a thing of the past and police will be empowered to retrieve your stolen articles without excuse especially as the internet of things takes off and more and more of our everyday items are trackable. If you are interested in keeping an eye on other items check out and I personally have Sticknfind on a few items like my camera, keys, bag which is pretty useful (I also ordered Tile 6 months ago but these are yet to ship at time of posting).


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