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The 360 Ball Camera

Love this idea. Throw the ball in the air and it takes a 360 shot when it reaches the highest point. Wouldn’t it be great to see this technology inside a football as a live...


Sad day on twitter

It appears the spammers have found twitter. Here’s a screengrab from http://www.twitscoop.com/ – where most of the big tweets are just links to porn. Shame.


Microsoft’s Shopping Trolley

I thought I’d put this new system through it’s tracks. Let’s see if it works…. But if you do not have access to our dishwasher, then you can just read this… http://www.smh.com.au/news/technology/microsofts-smart-shopping-cart/2008/01/15/1200159409129.html


Make sure your balls have dropped…

Filler, by SimianLogic gets my addictive game of the day award. Bit like the retro arcade game Qix (where you had to fill a percentage of the screen by drawing boxes) – this time you...


Alienware Giant Curved Monitor

It’s not quite as flat as it looks and no pricing yet but at 2880×900 this is one big mother! See the full article at Gizmondo…http://gizmodo.com/341413/alienware-curved-monitor-looks-like-its-from-another-planet

Philips Aurea HD Lava-lamp TV! 0

Philips Aurea HD Lava-lamp TV!

This is a full HD 42 inch screen from Philips that features 126 LEDs capable of producing 4 trillion colours – changing realtime as your TV plays (it sort of mimics the colours on screen)....